Kahwa and Bon in Arabic, it is the drink that all houses have in Syria. It is a social and family activity and is served mornings and evenings during intimate and special rituals. Serious talks and womanly chatting accompany this ritualistic beverage. That is the affect Arabic coffee has.

Traditional oracles could foresee the future using the remains of the coffee mugs. They would turn the coffee mug upside down after drinking it, and the lines would start to be drawn with the coffee. After a bit, the oracle would turn it back over and start reading the figures that were seen. A fish would mean money is coming and a horse would mean a groom would propose. That ritual is where the real fun started.

Dark brown is the essential color, which is the color of coffee grounds (bon). Other colors are related to the surrounding environment during coffee drinking time, such as blue from the morning skies when people chatted, and yellow and orange sun filled afternoons. Off-white, the original color of the coffee beans, is also a part of the concept.