This concept is related to the city of Idleb in northwest Syria. It is called green Idleb because of the large number of olive trees in the city, which constitute its main harvest. In addition to the landmark olive trees, the nature surrounding the city is incredibly beautiful and happens to be one of the main picnic destinations in Syria.

These are important sections of our geography and history. The city’s history dates back to 5000 BC. So many civilizations have made the city their own and have passed through it to make it what it has become.

There are many theories about the city name. One of them is that it comes from the word Delbat,which means the god of agriculture in its catalytic language. The city contains a very important museum that has works from the Ebla kingdom.

The Idelbi colors range from light olive green to dark blackish olive. The Aytoon color, which is a mix of ink blue with earth green and brown, are color choices taken our natural surroundings, as is the light virgin olive color, which is similar in hue to the apple.