The Kerbat are the gypsies of Syria. They are connected to all gypsies around the world by their traditions. The tradition and lifestyle connect these groups more tightly than race. It is a lifestyle that is free, tough, loving and joyful.

The culture of the Kerbat is very revolutionary in that it is anti-tradition, religiously and social speaking. This is reflected in their mis-matched dress and color choices that reflects a style that is at once beautiful and ugly.

The Kerbat are made up of 4 groups in Syria- Baraki, Gorbati, Zalat, and Nawar. They all most likely originated from India.

This reflects the vivid colors that go brilliantly with their skin color and with the desert colors also. They include bright blue, bright red, bright orange, bright yellow, golden and lilac. Incorporated also are bright green and sometimes black too.

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