This is related to the city of Palmyra “Tadmor” in Arabic. This unbeatable city whose name is of the Aramaic language is located in the middle of Syria. The history of the city goes back to the Neolithic age (10,200 BC). It was a very rich city in its time, as it was on the silk road trade route.

Because of this, it is one of the most tourist centric cities to visit in Syria. It still retains a lot of its very old and ancient ruins, such as giant arcs and columns to this very day. Palmyra encountered attacks in the recent war in Syria, in which unfortunately many ruins were destroyed and stolen.

We see gradations of yellow that begin at sunrise and end with the oranges of sunset. Grayish blues can be seen on its columns and ruins. Beige and brown are reminiscent of the city buildings’ colors.

When we discuss Syrian heritage, Palmyra is an essential highlight. Its story conveys much about the entirety of our history, from Aramya, Amoriah, Bezantah, to Romanian era. The story also encapsulates when Queen Zenobia rejected the occupation and the city and its kingdom was liberated in 265 BC.