A craft that has been practiced all over the world, the term is originally French. There is no clear evidence about its origin. It could be from the Middle East, China or South Africa. The technique is done using a special needle made from a few different materials- either metal, wood or plastic. This form of artistry was first recorded in literature dating to the 1800’s in France, Britain and Ireland. 

While people have learned this skill for generations from family, friends and intimate classes in fabric shops, there have been specific schools devoted to its preservation.

There are famous schools such as, Irish Crochet, Tunisian Crochet and Afghani crochet. 

Learning how to manipulate yarn in this way is no easy task. The craft has special coding and drawings which make up patterns that help the crafters manipulate new designs and stitches. 

Even today you find people in many countries avidly pursuing the art despite its challenges. Crochet has recently boomed in society with the make-what-you-wear trend, and its application has become so varied that it can be seen in many everyday items.