Sama means
“the sky” in Arabic and is a Syrian way to refer to a friend.

Who We Are

Sama is a project that supports beautiful stories told from Syria. The stories are told through the symbolization of Syrian culture via high quality products created by innovative Syrian designers and crafted by skilled Syrian craftswomen.

The enterprise is a collaborative, independently financed undertaking of a group of young Syrians who see more in crafts than the revival of cultural traditions. While we emphasize the importance of the traditions, it is also seen as a means to connect people through these designs and craftsmanship.

Not only do these crafts represent the culture and tradition, they provide a sustainable living for these talented Syrians.


Mission and Vision

Our mission is to share meaningful and beautiful stories about Syria through our designs. We want to foster a connection by telling these stories of the culture with our products. All the raw materials used in Sama products are local and as natural as is possible, resulting in a truly authentic product.

Designers and crafters at Sama Handmade get their inspiration for new designs from Syrian life and culture. Sama supports and mentors Syrian crafters through the process of creating new ideas that stimulate innovation of modern styles. In this way, we blend Syrian tradition with modern looks.


The Story of Sama

Sama Story

Sama began in 2014 an as incomplete spark of a hopeful vision. The idea was not crystal clear, but optimist, and needed to be refined. There were intensive talks in those days and meetings with team members, friends, consultants and crafters.

It was an experimental era, where we were trying design concepts, training craftswomen, researching Syrian crafts traditions, visiting remote areas and following the sources of traditions we discovered.

Even before our planning and research provided the foundation of Sama, the background Syrian atmosphere was a huge humanitarian crises and an incredible amount of families’ migration from killing and torture.

There was an increasing amount of displaced families searching for alternative ways to support their families. It was a tough time, but Syrians are resourceful and found alternatives to get their needs met, in ways such as sewing clothes, cooking, and housecleaning.

The team that would become Sama realized the potential for creating handicraft products through these talented craftswomen, who were powerful in their fight to make a dignified living. Sama actually began through the simple act of sewing girls’ blouses as their first product.

It was clear that the best course of action was not to just tell the craftswomen’s story, but to invest in them and their future.

The goal became to give them a way to thrive on their own, through designs which reflected the crafters’ own culture. That was the first and most important sight we set upon from the very beginning.


Our Values

  • Empower individuality & creativity
  • Provide dignity and pride in workmanship
  • Demonstrate effective responsibility through action
  • Develop intricate skills
  • Build hope
  • Encourage the concept of shared human destiny
  • Provide networking and connections
sama in syria

Why are Handmade Products from Syria So Intriguing?

Handicraft plays a very important role in representing the culture and traditions of any country or region. For us, it provides a significant medium for the preservation of our rich traditional art, heritage and culture.

It is not just the art itself that is important. Crafting itself weaves a story during the act of creation. Through the crafters patience, creativity, and interaction when making a piece, the determination of a human being is shown.

The products as art provide some profound truths for us. They remind us that our differences are our strengths. Boldly showing the world that business can be successfully built on collaboration rather than exploitation, they empower people with economic independence.

This independence cultivates economic development through the handicrafts. They provide ample and financially accessible employment opportunities. In addition, the crafts become a prominent avenue for foreign earnings.

While crafting may at times be utilized for survival, at the same time it makes a statement of our presence. It says that we as a society are here, and that our time wasn’t wasted. It creates a sense of worth when we realize we deserve the gorgeous, unique articles we skillfully make by hand.

The knowledge that we can help others and contribute to the beauty in the world fills our hearts through the trials and tribulations of life. It inspires us to rise above the proverbial refrain, “just one more row.”


What is Important About Syrian Handicrafts?

Sama handcrafts
    The importance lies in keeping the Syrian history, culture and memory alive. The region is currently facing the destruction of its resources, notably its infrastructure, as well as its human, cultural, and historical elements.

    This is a great loss, and it is important to not allow our cultural memory to fade.

    Society in this region is encountering social, economic, and psychological destruction. Rather than focusing on what may be lost, we intend to uphold and preserve what is dear to us.

    Like other countries with beautiful legacies, Syria has its detailed and personable stories which guide and inspire people. It is the nitty gritty details which paint the picture of our people and their lives. The stories make up our human legacy which we keep alive through stories and art.

    Syrian crafters are well known for their workmanship. We aim to uphold and maintain this celebration of our culture and support our society with its positive attributes.

    Art has always been one of the essential ways to hold onto the history, memory and culture of a heritage. In years past, one of the greatest ways to communicate between human beings has been art. We, through Sama, intend to carry on that tradition.


Early humans left us engraved drawings and shapes in caves to create a legacy about their lives, activities and stories that were important to them. According to Hegel the philosopher, symbolic art is one of the most ancient schools of art. Current events in our country cause us to hold onto its cultural heritage. We have a lot of beautiful things we need to express to the world about our country. Art defends cultural identity.

Sama Concepts


    Our approach to crafts is as an activity that is an income generator which has a low-cost of entry to begin. It is also a fulfilling human experience, incorporating patience, will, achievement and of course creativity and cultural knowledge. For us it is not only about reviving old crafts and keeping old traditions, even though this is important. It is also now an important means of communication for Syrians, to tell the world what beautiful stories we have and what talented crafters the region is still rich with.

Sama Crafts

The Team

    Sama would not have been founded without the help of many friends and consultants. We are grateful and always feel it is important to thank them in our own way! Our continuing team support is what keeps Sama Handmade thriving and growing.