Wholesalers and Stockists!

Join our wholesale partners and get the benefits...

Sama handmade wholesale partners get:

- Discounts starts from 20% and reaches 50% depending on order size.
- All wholesale orders are free shipped.
- Get your customized orders with no extra charge, even if its only one item.
- Enjoy our professional / artistic Packaging with your wholesale orders.
- Area exclusivity in your region.

Terms and Conditions:

- Minimum wholesale order is 300$
- Customs are paid by the wholesalers. The amount varies from country to another.
- To exempt from sales tax, partner should show wholesale permit or equivalent
- Payments are via credit / debit cards and Paypal
- Delivery is averaged by five weeks, more or less, we will let you know the exact date upon order confirmation.

To have a whole sale account with us, you can do the following:

If you are already registered to our website:
- Send us a request at this link to add you. Contact us

If you did not register to our website yet:
- In the registration form tick the: "join our whole sale customer group" box, this is the link to the form: Registration Form